Showering Baby P {Baltimore, MD}

Time is flying! I can't believe in less than 6 weeks we will be holding our baby girl. Last weekend, my mom and sister-in-law threw me a sweet baby shower to celebrate baby P! Kristy is one of the most creative people I know and she hand-made all of the decorations for the shower. From the hanging pom-pom balls to the beautiful calligraphy signs, this girl knows how to make a room beautiful!

One of my favorite parts of the decorations was the chalkboard sign where people guessed when Payton would be born. Can't wait to see who was right! Hopefully the people who said she will come sooner than later will be right. Pay Pay is measuring to be 9 pounds when she is born, so it wouldn't be the worst thing if she was a few weeks early!! 

I am not the biggest fan of cheesy baby shower games, so my mom planned a fun game that everyone enjoyed. She printed out a list of the top 50 books to read before you are 5, and each person marked how many of them they had read in their life. My friend Christina is a pre-school teacher and won having read almost all of the 50 books! Each person that came to the shower brought a book instead of a card to go with their gift. We are so excited to have a full library and are looking forward to reading to baby Payton.

It was also special to have so many of my favorite people in one room together. These people are what makes my life full and I am thankful for each person. Enjoy these pictures from the shower! 

Thanks to all who helped celebrate baby P! We are so thankful for each of you. Can't wait to meet Payton in just a few weeks!