BRAND REFRESH! {New Logo + Rebranding Process}

Three years ago when I started my business I never thought it would be where it is today. God has done so much and I am so thankful for each and every couple and family I have had the opportunity to work with. Since I didn't have money for branding when I first started, and I have a background in graphic design, I designed my own logo and website. The old logo has worked for the past three years, but I realized at the Creative at Heart Conference in November that my brand no longer reflected who I was or where I was going. 

At first, I was planning on designing a new logo and website since I worked as a graphic/web designer for four years. But, I quickly realized I was out of creative juice for my own brand. I needed new ideas, fresh eyes, and a more sophisticated look. My images were speaking for the brand but my logo, language on the site, and colors were no longer working. So after lots of research, I hired the PB+J team! PB+J is a web and design studio based in Ontario, Canada. They fanatically serve start-ups, small businesses, and entrepreneurs and create beautiful brands for them. I was nervous about hiring other designers since I am a designer, but it was a breath of fresh air to see the ideas they came up with. 

I started the process by filling out at lengthy and detailed questionnaire about the Anna Grace Photography brand. It helped me to think through what I want the brand to represent. I realized the following words reflect our brand, our images, and our experience. 

PB+J took the answers to the questionnaire, along with a phone call meeting, and went to work on logo concepts. They sent me two concepts and I was in love with the first one. I shared my feedback with them and after a few back and forth meetings, we had a final logo. Their team listened to my feedback and cared to implement the changes I expressed. Here are a few images of the logo process! 




And below is the final!

The "AG" mark represents freedom, beauty, romance, joy, and class. It expresses togetherness and connection. Professionalism and creativity. The new tagline is "Legacy of Love". At the heart of Anna Grace Photography is the desire for our clients to leave a legacy of love on the generations to come. Leaving a legacy through both the images and the loving relationships of the people in the photographs. A legacy of a loving marriage that was fought for each day and made it to the final days. Thank you PB+J for this beautiful logo. It encompasses everything I was looking for. We are starting the website process this week and I can't wait! Stay tuned...