JOY & DENNY {Yorktown Beach in Yorktown, VA}

Oh how I love beach sessions. My dream would be to have a beach house and shoot weddings and engagements by the ocean year round! Joy and Denny have been together for 7 years and are getting married next summer. We did their engagement session at Yorktown Beach and also walked on the trail for a bit in the woods. It was the perfect combination of beach & rustic!

Here is their love story:

Denny and Joy met at a college party at 'the wrestling house' at George Mason University. It was Joy's first weekend of college and her lacrosse teammates decided to go meet some other student-athletes. It was August 23, 2008, which just so happened to be Denny's 19th birthday. As Denny was celebrating with his wrestling teammates, he locked eyes with Joy, invited her over for a drink with them, and the rest is history! They continued to run into each other at the field house, the weight room, study hall, or anywhere that a busy college student-athlete could be found. They began dating 2 weeks later and have been inseparable ever since!!

June 12, 2015 began with a long hike on Billy Goat trail in Great Falls, VA. It was Joy's birthday week, so per usual, Denny was treating her to whatever she wanted to do all week (okay month) long! After a much needed nap, Denny took Joy to Reston Town Center for drinks and a movie. Assuming that it was the movie theater in the town center, Joy headed towards the theater after happy hour, but Denny led her back to the car.

As they pulled up and walked into University Mall theater (George Mason's discount theater where they had their first date), Denny ordered two tickets to Ironman. Unsure if it was a really weird coincidence or a belated birthday present that the same movie they had seen on their first date almost 7 years ago was playing, Joy couldn't think too long before they were rushed into the theater because they were late! As the movie ended and the credits began to roll, Joy's name popped up in a heart and slowly the words 'Will you marry me?' began typing out. Her jaw dropped and she turned to Denny who was now on one knee and said "are you serious?!"

After the shock of the most amazing proposal ever began to dissolve, Joy of course said yes, which was captured by 3 friends that had been wearing baseball hats and sitting in the front of the dark theater the entire movie. As if this weren't enough, Denny organized a surprise engagement party back at their house in Reston. This was the perfect ending to their dating life and the most amazing beginning to their future! 

Congratulations on your engagement! Enjoy the images! 

SUPER SWOON!! Don't you just love these two?! Can't wait for the wedding next July!