Maggie & Patrick {Sherwood Gardens}

Maggie and Patrick are such a sweet couple and I am so happy to share this post! Maggie and I met a little over a year ago when she started working at Blue Ocean Ideas. Soon after that, I moved into a house with her! We had a great time becoming friends and being roommates. Now she is getting married to Patrick and will be Mrs. Nolan ahh!!

We started the engagement shoot at the BEAUTIFUL Sherwood Gardens in Baltimore. There are tulips everywhere in all different colors and flower beds. Since it was such a gorgeous day there were a lot of people in the park. I had to crouch and squeeze them together to block the people in the background :)

Then we went to Bryn Mawr where Maggie went to high school. It had wonderful architecture and stone. At one point I took a picture of them looking through an open circle window and Maggie was standing on her tippy toes to reach. Kevin got some great shots of it happening. 

Kevin is continuing to become an expert at second shooting and he got some amazing shots of Maggie and Patrick! I am excited to include them in this post.

We had a blast shooting at the gardens and the school :) These two are just so photogenic and rocked the model poses.

Enjoy this gorgeous newly engaged couple :)