Matty & Angel {2640 Space in Baltimore, MD}

Angel and Matty are MARRIED! Our first wedding of the year and it was a unique and beautiful day. Matty and Angel tied the knot and celebrated with friends and family on a gorgeous April day at the 2640 Space in Baltimore. Both of their dogs were also included in the celebration! The two pups walked down the aisle in adorable little dresses. They were so excited to see their humans become a family!

Josh (the owner of Dizzy Cow) is one of Matty’s best friends and was in the bridal party, so it only made sense to have Dizzy Cow cater the reception! Who doesn’t LOVE amazing pizza. If you haven’t had Dizzy Cow, you need to make it your next date night!

Here is a snapshot of their love story!

We met through friends at the Nevermore Crossfit gym at a birthday party in Monkton where we were floating down the river together. We carpooled home that night, and I remember I thought it was ridiculous that he dressed his dog up in costumes, but he was memorable. Months later, we reconnected and started spending time together with friends at family style dinners and game nights, but we did not start a romantic relationship because I was about to graduate from nursing school and move to Oregon for my new job as a nurse. Two weeks before I graduated, we went on a run together at Oregon Ridge which sparked a deeper connection. He invited me to go to Ireland with his ENTIRE family for a wedding three weeks into dating, and we had so much fun driving in the countryside and having adventures together. I knew this was something much bigger than a fling so I decided to give up my job and apartment in Oregon and move in with him in Baltimore. My friends and family all thought I was crazy, but they knew the second they met him that we were perfect together. Since then we have traveled, camped, taken up mountain biking together, and built a home and community in Baltimore. He was the biggest risk I have taken in my life, and the rewards have yet to stop.

And the proposal story!

It was my golden Birthday (29 on the 29th) and he had planned surprise birthday "funtivities" for me all day. One of those was a trail run at my favorite, peaceful place: Oregon Ridge. This trail was where we connected and had a magical first trail run together talking and laughing over two years ago with our dogs. On my birthday, he surprised me by going down on one knee and telling me he had been dreaming about saying his vows to me, and it was time to make that dream a reality. He gave me a ring passed down from his grandmother, and hired Anna Grace to capture every moment! After he proposed, Matty took me to get a massage and then we got on our tiny motor scooter together and drove around Hampden with champagne, honking at our friends' houses trying to get them to come outside to tell them our big news. Then, our closest friends came over for what they believed to be a birthday dinner, and we got to tell them all in person we were engaged! It was an amazing day of love and celebration.

Congrats you two, it was an honor to be a part of your special day!

What a gorgeous day! Congrats again Matty and Angel. We wish you love and happiness in your future together! In case you missed it, check out Josh & Hannah’s engagement session at Patapsco Valley State Park!

Vendor Love

Wedding Dress: Hand me down from a friend. Greek tradition is for a dress to be worn by three brides and retired.

Florist: Petal Pushers

Wedding Venue: 2640 Space

Wedding Planner: Joseph Faura

DJ or Band: DJ Aran Keating

Catering: Dizzy Cow Pizzeria