MOLLY & ROSS {Virginia Beach, VA}

I am so excited about this post!! Molly and I went to James Madison University together and have been friends ever since. Now she is getting MARRIED to her awesome fiancé Ross. Molly & Ross's parents have been friends since before they were born. They grew up in the same church, but didn't start dating until this past January! They quickly fell in love and the rest is history.

Here is the proposal story from Molly's perspective:

The day of the proposal was a typical Saturday for Ross and me – we had planned on spending the day together since we didn't get to see each other very often during the week. It had been a rainy week in Virginia Beach and it was to continue for the next 3 days. We spent the morning cheering on Ross’s sister, Celeste, at her district swim meet. Then, since it was so rainy outside, we decided the day would best be spent playing games and watching movies. After playing a bunch of games on the Wii and watching one of my favorite movies, Elf (because it was on in August and Ross had never seen it!), we decided it was time for Ross to take me home. He drove me home just like any other night, I said goodnight and proceeded to walk up to the front door. I reached the top step of the front porch when I heard, “Molly!” I turned around and Ross was behind me on the steps of the porch down on one knee. 

After the fact, Ross explained that he had gotten the ring earlier in the week and had every intention of proposing on the beach that day. However, with the consistent rain we had all day and the forecast calling for rain for the next 3 days, he made the last minute decision to propose on the porch in the rain! The ring was apparently burning a hole in his pocket and he couldn't imagine holding on to it for another week!

Kevin and I met up with Molly & Ross in Virginia Beach for the engagement shoot. It was wonderful! I am SO excited for you two!! Enjoy these shots of Molly & Ross!