Have you ever wished you knew how to take better pictures of your kids/family with your iPhone? 

Then this workshop is for you! As a professional photographer I love taking pictures of Payton with my nice camera, but that isn't reality. Most days all I have near me is my iPhone when there is a moment happening that I want to capture. I have learned over the years how to translate my photography expertise  into my iPhone pictures and I want to share my knowledge with you! 


In this workshop you will learn:

• Angles + tips to take a great iPhone photo 

• Posing + lighting tricks

• How to take a great selfie with your kids

• My favorite iPhone photo editing app 

• Storage + organization options for your photos

• Ways to enjoy your photos on a day to day basis



Workshop Details

DATE: April 12th

TIME: 7-9pm

LOCATION: The Cube {6905 York Rd}

COST: $75