Baby Number Two Gender Reveal! It's A...

I still can't believe we are having another baby! It has been such a joy to watch Payton grow the past 16 months and now we will be welcoming baby number 2 in October. We were so excited to find out the gender together and are pumped to announce that baby number 2 is a...


We can't believe it. We were so surprised and are beyond thankful for another sweet healthy baby girl. The first thing I thought about when the tech told us during the appointment that we were having a girl was how excited I was to be able to give Payton a sister. My sister and I are so close and best friends and I can't wait to watch Payton and this baby girl play together and become besties. You are gonna have a little sissy, Pay Pay!! 

My sweet friend Hannah took some photos of us for the reveal and it was quite the challenge! 16 months old is a hard age to photograph, they just want to do their own thing and play. But thankfully, Hannah did capture these adorable moments for us. After we took the photos, we headed over to my parents house to share the news with them! 

I made cupcakes with pink food coloring in the center and had Payton take a bite to reveal the gender to everyone! It was an exciting reveal and we can't wait to meet this little babe. Thankful to God for a healthy baby and excited to meet this precious baby girl. 

We are so thankful, thanks for joining us in the excitement!! We can't wait to meet this sweet baby in October. 

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