Baby P Has a Name! {Arriving February 2017}

We had a hard time picking a name for our little baby girl. To have both Kevin and I agree + love the same name was tough!! We had tossed around a few names here and there but didn't really start the conversation until we found out we were having a girl. Then the fun began.

Someone told me that writing names on the mirror was a good way to help figure out if you really love the name or not. We had lists on the mirror for weeks and still couldn't agree. We got a book out of the library and went through EVERY girl name in the book! It was fun tossing names around but it was hard to narrow down! As we wrote names on the mirror, erased them, and wrote more the one we chose kept sticking out to me. 

I started feeling anxious about us choosing a name we both loved, so I began praying that God would reveal to us her name and that we would both not only have peace about it, but be in love with it. The next morning, Kevin woke up and told me that the name I told him I loved was starting to grow on him. He came in our room to say goodbye to me that morning, rubbed my belly and said, "How is Pay Pay doing?" I loved that nickname that he came up with and that's when I knew we had picked a winner. I couldn't believe how fast God had answered my prayer! That whole day we texted back and forth at work about nicknames, spellings, etc. We were so excited! Our sweet baby girl had a name.

Payton Ruth Paulovkin!! Thank you Kristy for writing this out in calligraphy, it brings our sweet little one to life already! Now for some meanings and why we choose this for her name.




Payton means NOBLE: having, showing, or coming from personal qualities that people admire (such as honesty, generosity, courage, etc.) We wanted to chose a unique name that not a lot of people have as well as something that sounded good with Paulovkin! I also love letters and having an alliteration was something I was hoping for. (Typography nerd over here!) We chose this spelling for Payton because we like how the "a" makes it more feminine. We are going to call her "P" and "Pay Pay" and sometimes "Ruthie" for short! 





We wanted to use a family name for her middle name and Ruth was the perfect choice. Kevin's mom passed away 6 and a half years ago from breast cancer and her name was Suzy Ruth Paulovkin. We thought it would a beautiful legacy to honor her by giving her middle name to our daughter. Ruth was also an amazing woman in the Bible who was known for her courage and loyalty in caring for her mother-in-law and waiting for Boaz. In the Bible, Ruth means "friend of God, vision of beauty". Our prayer for her is that she feels loved by Her savior and has an intimate relationship with Him. 


It is a relief to have her name figured out and I am thankful God answered our prayer in revealing her name to us! We are overjoyed and can't wait to meet our little Payton.


For You, O Lord, have made us glad by Your work; at the works of Your hands we sing for joy.

-Psalm 92:4