Erik & Courtney {Chanteclaire Farm in Friendsville, MD}

Chanteclaire Farm was the perfect venue for Erik and Courtney to tie the knot. It was a gorgeous fall afternoon and the leaves were a beautiful yellow. They shared personal vows with one another overlooking the lake with their friends and family around. 

One of my favorite parts of Erik & Courtney's wedding was their unique centerpieces. They had a picture printed out at each table that had a personal story tied to it from their relationship. When the DJ announced the tables for dinner, he shared a piece of the story behind the picture at that table. So creative! 

Here is their love story from Courtney's perspective:

Erik and I met at Auburn University on the the third day of Freshman classes in Political Economy Lab. We had to pick someone in the room to partner up with and he turned around to me and asked if we could be partners. I gave him my contact information and by the time I got back to my dorm room, I had an lengthy email from him and asking if I would like to met up one night! I said yes and I met him with several of his roommates and friends. He was pledging for a fraternity and during the night asked if I would be his date for the Auburn vs. Georgia Tech football game. That was the beginning of our relationship and we have been together ever since. After finishing college five years ago, we moved up to Maryland together and started working for the same Construction Company. To date, we still work work at the construction company and live together with our crazy two dogs.

And the sweet proposal!

Erik flew me down to Auburn, AL for the weekend that happened to be the exact weekend 10 years ago that we had our first date. Our first date was the Auburn vs. Georgia Tech football game. Instead of going to the game in Atlanta this year, we decided to stay in Auburn for the weekend and watch the game at a local bar. After we won the game, we headed to Toomer's Corner to watch everyone rolling the trees with toilet paper. This is a long Auburn tradition that started at Toomer's Drug Store back when there was no TV's. It is said that the drug store was the only place in Auburn that had a telegraph. The employees would listen to all of the Auburn athletic games and then roll the tree with the telegraph tape if Auburn won. Over the years, this transitioned into toilet paper. After hanging out at Toomer's Corner for a while, we decided to head back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. On the way back we stopped by Auburn's oldest building and most iconic building Samford Hall. We started taking a few photos of each other in front of the building. When we were in front of the building Erik stopped me and said "I didn't bring you down here just so we could watch the football game, I was hoping that it could be more. Will you marry me?" By the time I looked down, he was shaking and holding that ring!

Enjoy these images from Erik & Courtney's big day! 

Congrats you two, your wedding was beautiful!! Want to see another wedding? Check out Jim & Taylor's classy gold wedding at the Ritz-Carlton Georgetown!


Vendor Love

Wedding Dress: Treasures Formals & Bridal

Florist: Farmhouse Fete

Venue: Chanteclaire Farm

Hair & Makeup: Studio 1622

DJ or Band: Sounds Fun DJs