Brittany & Kyle {ENGAGED}

Brittany and Kyle are such a sweet couple. They grew up as neighbors and didn't even know it! After officially meeting in 2012, during a night of karaoke, they quickly hit it off. They started their journey together through emails and phone calls and a year and a half later, Kyle proposed! They are getting married in September and I can't wait to celebrate with them!! 

Here is the proposal story:

"Kyle decided to pop the question on a Saturday in November. Now, this wasn’t your typical Saturday, as Brittany had to work a rare weekend event at Capital One and Kyle was scheduled to be in Charlottesville for business. To unwind from their busy days, Brittany was already planning on a romantic evening with her boyfriend, but little did she know what Kyle had up his sleeve for the evening. 5 o’clock finally rolled around when Brittany was headed out of the office, only to be greeted with a note and 5 roses on her windshield. As a lucky girl, this was nothing to alarm Brittany, since Kyle often pops by Capital One’s campus to leave notes and flowers for his pretty girlfriend. This note; however, was slightly different than most, as it instructed her to immediately head to her parents’ house in the West End and to not make any stops in between (Brittany loves to run her errands!). As soon as she pulled into her parent’s street, she noticed a Town Car in the driveway that didn’t belong to anyone she knew. Next thing she noticed was her dad holding a rose and her mom holding the second sealed envelope from Kyle with her next set of instructions. Finally, Brittany became suspicious and slowly began to realize that this wasn’t going to be their ordinary Saturday night date! 

As the second note instructed, Brittany got into the car and the driver knew exactly where to take her. With each special destination, she was greeted with another rose and another note from Kyle. Finally, the driver stopped on Brown’s Island, where Brittany waited for the next surprise. From across the light-decorated bridge, Kyle began walking towards her and, when they met, got down on one knee to ask Brittany to be his wife. With tears in her eyes, she had no doubt in her mind what her answer would be: Yes! Beginning with a reception in the exact location that their chapter as an engaged couple began, these two lovebirds can’t wait to see what else their book of life will write after they say “I do” in September!" 

I went to college with Brittany, which makes shooting their wedding extra special. For their engagement shoot, we walked around Richmond near where their reception will be held. We also went up to the bridge where Kyle proposed!! It was a GORGEOUS day and we had a blast during the shoot. 

Enjoy these shots of Brittany & Kyle!