Clearwater Beach Vacay {Clearwater, FL}

When Colin and Kelsey told us they were having their wedding in Clearwater, Florida, we decided to go for a few extra days to have a mini vacation as a family. It was a wonderful trip and Payton had the best time! 

We stayed in an amazing Airbnb the first few nights and it was so nice to have a house to stay in with a kitchen. They even had a pack-n-play for us to use! Dunedin is a cute little town that has an amazing park overlooking the water that was right down the street from our house. The sunsets in Florida were incredible and each time we saw one it made me thankful for our Creator and God's beauty in the world. Even when there is so much heartbreak and evil happening around us, there is always something to be thankful for; even if it is in a gorgeous sunset.

One of the days Kevin played paintball with the guys for the bachelor party, so Payton and I got to have a girls day! We did some shopping, had lunch at the house, and went to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. Pay Pay kept laughing at the fish and pointing at the dolphins. It was adorable!

Before we left for the trip, I booked a family session with Laura Foote so we could have a few updated professional pictures with Payton. She is growing so fast and I love having updated images of our family! It was a blast spending the morning with Laura and watching Payton play in the sand while she was getting her picture taken. 

On Friday we made our way to the gorgeous Sandpearl Resort where the wedding would be. The beaches had white sand, clear blue water, and palm trees everywhere. We were in paradise! Colin and Kelsey had a delicious rehearsal dinner at Bob Heilman's Beachcomber and the wedding the next day overlooking the beach. It was the perfect day and we are so happy for Colin and Kelsey. Kevin was the best man and he did a great job on his speech! Thankfully, we were able to put Payton to bed upstairs in the hotel while we FaceTime'd our phones so we could see her. I was thankful to be able to enjoy the reception instead of being stuck in the room all night! 

We were able to have a little bit of family time at the resort the last day with a swim in the pool and a walk on the beach. It was great to break our daily routine and travel together as a family. Congrats again Colin and Kelsey, we had the best time and couldn't be happier for you two!

Enjoy these iPhone pictures and a few nice photos from our trip!

Such a fun trip! Anytime I have the chance to go somewhere with sand, waves, and palm trees, count me in. If you look at the photos in this post, you will see that half of them were taken with my iPhone. I wanted to be able to enjoy the vacation and not carry my camera around everywhere. That being said, it was perfect to be able to capture images with my iPhone while we were on the go! If you want to learn more about how to take better pictures of your family with your iPhone, you would be the perfect attendee for my workshop in April. To learn more, check out the registration page! Every memory deserves to be captured beautifully.