Happy Fourth Anniversary, Kevin!

Four years married, eight years in love. Each year gets better and better. New challenges, joys, and of course raising our first little baby together. Kevin, I have loved watching you grow into the dad role. Payton adores you and will be saying, "da da" so soon! The way you care for her and protect her makes my heart melt. I fall in love with you all over again every time I see you with her! 

Each year since we have been married we have taken a photo of the two of us at this line of trees in Hunt Valley. Watching our family grow through these images makes me thankful to God for His blessing of you and P! Four years in, many more to go.

I love you hubby!




22 weeks pregnant! 

22 weeks pregnant! 


We will forever treasure our wedding pictures Katelyn James. I love looking back at them year after year. Happy Anniversary Kev! Can't wait to celebrate tomorrow in Annapolis!