HAYLEY & JASON {Hampton National Historic Site in Baltimore, MD}

Jason & Hayley are engaged!! They are getting married next summer and can't wait to officially be husband and wife. We went to Hampton National Historic Site for their engagement session and the fall weather was perfect. The leaves were changing and the air was crisp. Jason is pretty tall which made for a fun session!

Here is their love story from Hayley's perspective:

Jason and I met in November of 2013 through some friends from college. I had never been in a relationship before, and had been praying for a while that the Lord would bring me a Godly man to do life with. We both knew pretty quickly that the Lord had marriage in mind for us! After we first met, Jason would find excuses to come over to my apartment, visit my church, and spend snow days with me. We hung out for about a month until we started dating. On December 23, 2013 he came over to my house and met with my dad to ask his permission to date me! I was very impressed by his thoughtfulness and respect of my parents. By February or March we expressed to each other that we wanted to get married. Jason pursued me and has continued to pursue me so well throughout our entire relationship. Although we knew pretty quickly that we would never date anyone else, he needed to wait patiently until May 14, 2015 to propose. He created a fun scavenger hunt that led me to fun places like where we had our first date and first kiss, and got a lot of my close friends to be involved. The last clue took me to the place on campus of Towson University where we took our first picture together, where he got down on one knee and asked me the question he had been wanting to ask me for a long time. We are overjoyed! We hope for Christ to always be at the center of our relationship and eventually marriage. We are both excited to glorify Him with our marriage and experience such an incredible picture of the love that Christ has for his church.

I am so excited for you two! Enjoy these images from Hayley & Jason's engagement session. 

You two are adorable!! I can't wait for your wedding in June.