MEGHAN & PAUL {Old Town Alexandria in Alexandria, VA}

Meghan and I have been good friends for over 10 years! I was so excited when she asked me to shoot her and Paul's wedding next fall. For their engagement shoot we started in their neighborhood with their adorable pups Dublin and Britain. They are American Brittany rescue dogs from . Meghan & Paul love working with the organization and are big advocates for rescue dogs! Pictures of Dublin & Britain were a must in the engagement shoot! 

After the park, we made our way to Old Town Alexandria where they are getting married next year. It is such a beautiful area! 

Here is their love story from Meghan's perspective:

The first time I met Paul’s family in Minnesota, I was flooded with the questions of “How did you two meet?” “Did he pull you over to give you a speeding ticket?” “Did you meet out at a bar in DC?” I remember staring at Paul with the look of “You didn’t tell them how we met?!”  He instantly began to smile, and I realized he allowed his sisters imagination to answer the question and was finding their ideas entertaining.  The truth?  We met on a popular dating website called OKCupid!

 Our adventure began in the fall of 2012 when Paul picked me up for our first date in a pick-up truck, listening to country music, and wearing a flannel shirt.  I took a deep breath and wondered where the semi-preppy polo wearing man had gone I’d been talking to the past few weeks.  Without me saying anything he quickly explained to me that he was in fact driving a loaner car, and although he is wearing a flannel shirt and enjoys country music, he promised he was not a redneck or country boy.  Over the first few dates, I didn’t know where this adventure was going, but after the 3rd date I knew I was excited to continue my adventure with Paul.  Our adventure has taken us across Europe, the U.S. and the Caribbean, and our list of destinations continues to grow.  We adopted two handsome, and goofy brittanys (Dublin and Britain-named after our travels). We frequently venture to Minneapolis and Baltimore to visit our families while we call Alexandria, the place where our adventure began, our home. Beyond where we are now in our adventure, I can’t predict where it will go but I’m excited to continue this adventure towards marriage, where we each will be gaining the love and support of each others families. Possibly my favorite moment on this adventure was when Paul asked me to marry him.  Now, let me be honest- I was cranky when I got home from work… I was so happy that he was making Chicken Parm. for dinner, but I was tired and hungry!!  The moment the food went down on the table I was cutting into it.  I paused, looked at Paul and said “Aren’t you going to eat?!?!”.  He told me he was waiting for it to cool down(as he lingered near the table and my chair).  I might have rolled my eyes and kept focusing on my food but next thing I knew he was down on one knee with the dogs on both sides.  I was shocked, there were tears(of happiness of course!), and I said Yes!  Of course afterwards, it all made sense that he chose Chicken Parm. for dinner, because that’s what he cooked for us on our third date.   

The American Brittany Rescue(ABR) is a nation-wide Brittany rescue group where we adopted Dublin and Britain from.  We have served as volunteers within the rescue in a variety of ways including; fostering, managing the Facebook page, assisting in building a social media presence through instagram/twitter, and coordinating monthly brittany meet-ups at local dog parks!  

Enjoy these images of Meghan, Paul, and the cute rescue pups! 

Congrats Meghan & Paul! Can't wait for your wedding next fall!