HOT AIR BALLOON RIDE {Anniversary Trip in Annapolis}

For our 1st married Anniversary Kevin planned a hot air balloon ride for us in Annapolis! He knew it was something I have always wanted to do with him which made it such a special gift. We had planned to go to Annapolis for our Anniversary weekend and the first night we got to the hotel Kevin held out 3 cards that were numbered. He told me whichever envelope I picked was what my surprise present was. I got so stressed out and nervous I would pick the wrong envelope!! But Kevin is smart and had the same drawing of the hot air balloon ride in each envelope. Love that guy! The only downside was we had to wake up at 4am for the ride.

We met the owner of Delmarva Balloon Rides at his house and drove 40 minutes away to the launch site. He owns one of the biggest balloons in the area and it held 15 of us! The goal was to have lift off at sunrise and it happened! It was so interesting to watch his team blow up the balloon with hot air. I am scared of heights, but it wasn't a scary ride because you move at such a slow pace.

The balloon was in the air for an hour and we flew over gorgeous fall leaves and at one point went into the leaves! The owner Todd controls the balloon with the hot air and wanted everyone to be able to grab a leaf. I was nervous we would get stuck, but it was fun! The view was incredible and we had a blast. There was also a local news channel Outdoors Delmarva covering the ride so we got to be on Delmarva TV! It was the perfect memento from our trip. 

That freezing morning there was the most gorgeous sunrise I have ever seen. It was an incredibly romantic adventure and it will go down in the books as one of our best dates ever! Bringing my camera up in the air was a little scary but I'm glad I did. We enjoyed champagne after the ride with the rest of the crew. The rest of the weekend was a blast as well! We went out to dinner on the water and had a picnic Sunday morning on the docks. Enjoy these shots from up in the air! And don't miss the video at the end from our ride!

Going away and reconnecting is one the best things you can do for your marriage. It was an incredible weekend and I am so thankful to be married to an amazing man! I