LEAH & CHUCK {Stone Manor Country Club in Middletown, MD}

Leah and Chuck met at a bar called "No Way Jose" (so crazy!) several years ago and are now husband and wife! They tied the knot at Stone Manor Country Club in Middletown, Maryland with lots of happy tears. Emotional grooms are my favorite!! Chuck and Leah shed some tears at the first look and then also at the ceremony when Leah was walking down the aisle with her dad. I LOVE how special both of those moments can be! 

Leah has a love for squirrels, so their little chocolate squirrels cake topper was perfect. They danced the night away with their friends and family around as a perfect celebration of their love for each other. 

Here is the their love story from Leah's perspective: 

Exactly three years before the day we became engaged (crazy right?!)...

... some friends and I went to catch an early Liverpool game that was playing at  No Idea(a bar called "No Idea"- not that I had no idea where I was ) in Federal Hill. Since "No Idea" had some of the best mimosas in Baltimore, we decided to partake in a few refreshments. The festivities continued and the time came when the we needed to head to our volleyball game at Rash Field near the Inner Harbor. Once the game began, it started to rain and the game was canceled - however I decided the team needed to continue the fun. The next stop was "No Way Jose" on Cross St… 

Chuck had the similar idea to enjoy his Sunday with some friends in the area where he just moved. Little did he know, he was about to meet his future wife…

As soon as I walked into the bar, I spotted Chuck in his "conductor hat" with a huge smile on his face, and I immediately decided I needed to hang out right where he was standing. We started chatting and when we exchanged numbers, he went straight into my Favorites. He has been there ever since :)

And here is Chuck's perspective!

Alright, you know how some people say "when you find the right person you'll just know it"? Well, if you are anything like me you always thought this was B.S, right? I'm happy to say, they're right. I had just moved to Federal Hill and my buddy, John Morrow and I decided to go to a bar called No Way Jose for a Sunday Funday. I can't remember why we chose that bar that day because that wasn't our regular hang out spot but lucky for me we did. After an hour or so I notice a pretty little blonde girl walk in the door all sweaty, wet and a smile that lighted up the room. Turns out, she had a volleyball game but it was rained out and she wanted Tequila. I was smitten by her presents and Intoxicated not by alcohol consumption but by our conversation that lasted hours. I immediately knew I had met someone very special. I had met "the right person" and I knew it!!!

Congrats you two!! You are an incredible couple!

Congrats again Leah & Chuck!! It was an amazing day. In case you missed it, check out Taylor & Bryan's gold inspired wedding at Whitehall Manor! There may or may not be a famous person in the post!


Vendor Love

Wedding Dress: Hayley Paige - Garnish Boutique

Florist: Flowers By Rebecca

Venue: Stone Manor Country Club

Hair: Inovashens

Makeup: Flawless Facade

DJ or BandEvent Pro - Jason Wallace

Videographer: Complete Wedding and Events

Cake: Angel Cakes

Catering: Carriage House Inn

Bridesmaid Dresses: Alfred Angelo

Groomsmen Attire: The Black Tux

Invitations: Leo and Leah Kahl (Father of the bride and bride)