TAYLOR & BRYAN {Whitehall Manor in Bluemont, VA}

Taylor & Bryan are married!! Long gold bridesmaid dresses, golden hour light, & gorgeous gold decor. This wedding was one for the books! Taylor & Bryan tied the knot under the trees at Whitehall Manor in Bluemont, VA. The two of them bought big gold balloons that spelled out LOVE for the bridal party to hold in pictures. Unfortunately, halfway through pictures one of the groomsmen popped the "E"! Thank goodness for photoshop! Glad we were able to get a few.

It was also a blast that Ashley Iaconetti was one of Taylor's bridesmaids. In case you aren't wrapped up in Bachelor Nation like I am (sad but true!), Ashley was on Chris's season and was recently on Bachelor in Paradise! Ashley and Jared aren't together anymore, but she did catch the bouquet from Taylor at the wedding so I am sure she will find love soon! 

All of the gold decor was gorgeous, including the invitation suite & place cards designed by the bride. Taylor & I went to JMU together and were in the graphic design major together so I knew the designs would be perfect! 

Here is their love story!

When Taylor and Bryan get married this September, they will have known each other for ten years. They met at the beginning of senior year of high school, and became good friends throughout the year. Bryan had a crush on Taylor right away, and was really excited when she agreed to go to prom with him, even if it was just as friends.

Taylor and Bryan became even closer after high school. They visited each other a few times at college and hung out almost every weekend when they were home. Bryan never lost interest in Taylor, and would regularly tell his friends and family throughout college that she was “pretty much the girl of his dreams.” One morning in 2008, Bryan woke finally resolved that the time was finally right to ask Taylor out, only to find out that day that she had started dating her first serious boyfriend just a few days before.

For the next two years, Bryan survived in the friend zone but was still very open that he thought that Taylor was the girl of his dreams and that he would still end up with her somehow in the end (Note: at this point Taylor had never once even showed a hint of romantic interest in Bryan). The day that Taylor became single in the beginning of 2010, Bryan (as nicely as possible) ended things with the girl he had recently started seeing. Less than a month later, when Bryan was visiting Taylor at school for the Super Bowl, his friend Jim Beam helped him tell her how much he had always liked her and how he wanted to be with her. Her initial response was less than encouraging, but she kept spending more and more time with him. It took nine months of spending almost every day together, but Bryan finally convinced Taylor to be his girlfriend in November, 2010.

Bryan and Taylor have spent the last five years having about as much fun as two people could possibly have together. They love to travel, especially to the Caribbean, take awesome photos, and generally be creative. Their favorite thing to do is take fun creative photos in exotic locations. In February, while they were on a Caribbean cruise on the Celebrity Silhouette, Bryan dropped to one knee and asked Taylor to make him the happiest man in the world. She said yes, and they are going to tie the knot in ten weeks!

Taylor and Bryan’s favorite place to vacation is St. John. They have taken a trip there every year since before they were dating, and the island means a lot to them. They decided to get married in Virginia so all their friends would be able to join them. It didn’t feel right to leave St. John out of their wedding experience though, so they decided to travel down for five days for engagement shoots on the island they love the most.

Loved celebrating with you Taylor & Bryan!! Enjoy the images! 

Such a perfect day!! Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Olson! In case you didn't see their destination engagement shoot in St. John, you can see it here


Vendor Love

Wedding Dress: Angelus Bridal

Florist: Petals and Hedges

Venue: Whitehall Estate

Groom's Suit: Hugo Boss

Photo Booth: Vivid Vignettes

8 Piece Band: Ignition

Cakes: Bride's Cousin Megan Kampa & Groom's Sister Becca Woodward

Cake Topper: Better off Wed

Catering: Celebrations Catering

Bridesmaid Dresses: Rent the Runway

Bridesmaid Tattoos: Daydream Prints

Groomsmen Attire: H&M

Invitations: Bride Taylor Kampa Olson (TKO!)