MEG & ANDREW {DC War Memorial in Washington D.C.}

Meg & Andrew are married!! These two tied the knot in the DC War Memorial with their friends and family cozy under the marble roof. It was drizzling a bit during their first look and ceremony but that didn't stop these two from having the best day of their lives! They are crazy about each other and couldn't wait to be married.

A little bit of background from Meg about her beautiful dress from Napal! 

The dress I got in Nepal in April of 2013 when I was there on a missions trip working with the project The Freedom Climb. I wasn’t dating anyone at the time, but I said this dress reflects my heart for the nations so I trust that God can bring someone into my life who would be happy for me to be married in it. It is called a Kurtha, which is the traditional Nepal dress for women and it is made fancier by the fabric and amount of handsewn beading that one has on it. The jewelry is traditional wedding jewelry from India which belongs to one of supervising Doctors, Dr. Mukta Panda. She was so excited when I showed her a picture of my dress that she offered to let me borrow it for the wedding.

Here is their love story from Meg's perspective:

Andrew and I are both in the Health Professions Scholarship program through the U.S Army which is allowing us to complete our Medical School educations with financial assistance from the Army in exchange for a commitment of 4 years of service in a military hospital upon completion of our training. As part of our scholarship we are required to complete 45 days of active duty training each year. Between our 1st and 2nd years of Medical School we were sent to San Antonio TXfor the summer for the Basic Officers Leadership Course, which lasted for 2 months. This is where we met, since our last names were close in the alphabet we were placed in the same platoon and spent a great deal of time together. I of course thought he was way too cool for me, and would never be interested, meanwhile he was busy trying to play it cool and not show how interested he really was! We knew that long distance would be difficult, especially with both of us in school, but that if this was God's plan for us he would have a way of working things out. It has been awesome having the support for one another through the school year, taking our national board exam, and now during the long hours of clinical rotations, I couldn't imagine doing it without him. The weekend of our 1 year anniversary also happens to be 4th of July weekend, (our anniversary is the 3rd.) I thought maybe I would have the holiday off and we could meet halfway between Chattanooga and Ohio to celebrate our anniversary. I then found out that I would have to be working that weekend and so meeting in the middle wasn't an option, he was optimistic and still said it was okay he would come anyways and we could celebrate when I got finished for the day. I then found out that on our actual anniversary I would be on Call and not finish at the hospital until 8 or 9 pm. I again told him maybe he should just not come and wait to come at the end of the month as he originally planned. He insisted it would be okay and that he wanted to come, didn't mind driving even I worked super late and only had a little time. He arrived the night before our anniversary late, and so the morning of our anniversary I left early to head to the hospital while he stayed at my apartment sleeping on the couch. My day was long and tough, we had 1 patient die and another come in that we had to declare brain dead from alcohol poisoning at just 26 years old. I was emotionally spent, but so excited to come home. I pulled up to my apartment and Andrew was standing outside dressed in slacks and a button-down, I immediately felt like a slob in my scrubs, but he told me I looked beautiful anyways. We got inside and he had the table set with dinner ready on the stove. I hurried to shower and change into something a little nicer while he dished the food, which was a delicious shrimp pasta! After we ate we sat outside on the balcony just enjoying the evening breeze and talking about the day. We then came inside an sat down on the couch where he started playing with a dolphin puzzle jewelry box that I have sitting on the coffee table. I didn't think much of it, because he often played with it. He took the two halves apart, keeping 1 dolphin for himself and handing the other one to me saying "I bet I can open my side faster than you can." to which I replied, I'm sure you can, go right ahead. He opened the box, and said "aww man my side is empty." I laughed as I continued to open my side and said "my side is gonna be empty too, there isn't anything in here." I then looked down and inside the box was a ring. I was shocked and for a second wanted to put the lid back on because I was so overwhelmed. He then got down on one knee and said a bunch of beautiful things, which I can't even remember know other than him asking me to marry him and me saying yes. We spent the rest of the evening calling our families to tell them the good news. That evening we went back out on the balcony and fireworks were being shot off across the river, which I like to think were just for us :-)

What an amazing story! Enjoy the images from Meg & Andrew's beautiful DC wedding! 

Congrats Meg & Andrew!! I love how unique and personal your wedding was. Best wishes! In case you missed it, check out Meghan & Paul's romantic engagement session in Old Town Alexandria


Vendor Love

Wedding Dress: Purchased in Nepal

Ceremony Venue: DC War Memorial

Reception Venue: Bride's Home

Hair & Makeup: Statements Salon

Catering: Zoe's Kitchen

Groomsmen Attire: Groom, Military Dress Uniform. Best Man, J Crew

Invitations: Target