James + Payton {6 Months of Friendship and Counting...}

You may have seen James on my social media as the cute boy with the long hair that hangs out with Payton a lot (we may have started the hashtag #JandPayPay)! Payton and James were born 13 days apart and are already the best of friends just like their mommies! It has been nothing short of a gift to have a friend with a baby at the same exact stage as you. We text each other the most random things all the time but it is great to know we won't judge each other and can be a support system. 

Claire is a teacher so she had the summer off which meant we got to hang out once a week the past few months! It was awesome to hang out and have another adult to talk to (especially in the beginning when the babies couldn't even smile at us!)  I can't wait to watch these two continue to grow up and be big enough to actually play together as they get older! The past 6 months have been the hardest and best of my life. Enjoy these photos of J and Pay!

March :: 1 Month Old

April :: 2 Months Old

May :: 3 Months Old

June :: 4 Months Old

July :: 5 Months Old

August :: 6 Months Old

The past 6 months have felt slow and fast at the same time. The growth to me is insane! But then again, I will be saying the same thing when they turn 1 year. Trying to soak up every second of each day! Wanna see more adorable pictures of James? Check out the family session I did for the Delin family!