Gregory & Rebecca {Walker's Overlook in Walkersville, MD}

Walker's Overlook was the perfect place for Greg & Rebecca to tie the knot. This venue is beautiful with the line of trees, charming house, wooden fence, and open tent reception area. It is gorgeous! It was sentimental to me as well because my sister got married at Walker’s Overlook last summer. 

Rebecca not only shared an emotional First Look with Greg, but also with her dad. After seeing each other Rebecca and her dad shared letters with each other. Mr. Belitsos letter’s was in a card that Rebecca drew when she was young that he keeps on his desk at work. It was a sweet surprise! There is nothing like the daddy/daughter relationship. 

Greg and Rebecca also read letters to each other so they could share some things with each other in private before the ceremony. They had the opportunity to do this because they chose to do a First Look. Such a sweet and special time! Rebecca and Greg also set aside lots of time for portraits which my little photographer heart loved! 

After the ceremony they danced the night away at their reception. They made sure to play some Greek music for the Belitsos family! One other aspect of their wedding that was really fun for me was a past bride and groom and future bride and groom of ours were guests at the wedding. So great seeing our couples!! Gotta love living in Smaltimore (our nickname for Baltimore being a place where everyone knows each other)!

Here is their love story from Rebecca's perspective: 

Greg and I have been together for 4.5 years now! We first met when I was a senior in high school and he was a sophomore at Towson University. He had moved from his home in NJ to Towson to study occupational therapy. He wanted to find a church home so he started going to Central Presbyterian (my church since childhood!). He started college group bible study (called 1824) with my older sister, Sophia. Meanwhile, I was in senior year, sad I couldn't be in 1824 yet! I met Greg at church, he was hard to miss in the crowd. Being tall and dressing all hipster-like, he stood out to me! Greg and I started getting to know each other more when I could be in 1824. We flirted in nerdy ways, by quizzing each other in the muscles and bones of the body. I was studying nursing and loved that he helped me study! We also hung out at 1824 events including .bowling, summer volleyball, and cookouts. It wasn't until I was a sophomore in college that he asked me out! We shared our love for music, movies, our school majors, animals, and taking care of people. Greg and I both had college jobs working with kids with special needs. It's something we both really connected with. I loved his heart for others and the way he made me laugh. It wasn't until our 1824 winter retreat in Feburary of 2012 that we both shared our feelings of liking each other! Since then, we have remained together through a lot. We love sharing our lives together and I really feel like we bring out the best in each other!

And the proposal! 

It was perfect for us! On July 1st we went on a hike to Rock State Park (a regular hiking spot, being close to my parents) with my younger sister Olivia and her boyfriend Michael. Olivia had planned the hike with me, which I later found out Greg told her to plan it so I wouldn't suspect a thing. I had no clue it was coming because it was a typical thing we would do. Hiking is one of my favorite things! We hiked through the woods and got to Kilgore Falls. Greg said, let's get in the water and walk right to waterfall. Just then, the sun was finally coming out more! Olivia said she would take a picture of us at the waterfall. As she was taking pictures, Greg got on one knee (waist deep in water!) and proposed! He had the ring in an altoids container in his gym shorts pocket so I wouldn't notice. Of course I said yes, and cried! And we wanted to start our engagement off with a "bang" so he carried me in the waterfall (freezing!). I was so impressed with Greg planning it all out. We walked around and took pictures with our clothes are dripping wet! As we were driving back home, I wanted to call Greg's parents to tell them the good news (they had been waiting forever for this). Greg and Olivia kept saying "no, just call them later" and I was so confused of why. Well, we get to my parent's house and Greg's whole family and mine were there to greet us with an engagement party! We enjoyed the whole night with both sides of the family. Greg's family came from NJ (his hometown), just for this! We had champagne, grilled tons of food, and laughed and enjoyed each other. I was so happy. Greg knows that being with family is a huge importance to me, and he honored that in how he proposed.

Enjoy these images from Greg and Rebecca’s wonderful wedding!

Sorry that was so long; there too many good photos to choose from! Congrats you two, enjoy the rest of your honeymoon! Want to see another beautiful wedding? Check out Tommy & Allie's romantic waterfront wedding at The Bayfront Club!


Vendor Love

Wedding Dress: Betsy Robinson's Bridal

Florist: Ann's Garden

Wedding Venue: Walker's Overlook

Hair & Makeup: JKW Beauty

DJ: Shew-sical Entertainment

Videographer: Wise Films

Cake: Monica's Sugar Studio

Catering: P.I.G.S. Catering

Bridesmaid Dresses: David's Bridal

Groomsmen Attire: Black Tux

Invitations/Programs: Designed by Sophia Belitsos - Printed through Minted