THE LANE FAMILY {Newport News, VA}

One thing I will be doing differently this year is making more time for intentional friendships. Last year was all about hustle, get it done, always working, and it wasn't healthy. I am learning in this off-season how to rest and enjoy the little things. It is possible to have a flourishing life AND have a successful business!

One of my best friends from college lives in Newport News, VA which is about 4 hours from Baltimore. It takes intentional time of planning to visit since we are a road trip away! I was supposed to leave Saturday but the Blizzard of 2016 had a different plan. Instead, I left Monday morning and made it to Virginia where all the snow is already melted! Every time Helen and I have a few days together we are able to connect on a deep friendship level and both challenge and encourage each other. My cup is always full after spending time with her and I am so thankful for our friendship. Helen and I have also been doing Whole30 this month and drinking tons of La Croix sparkling water together! Only a few more days left... If you want to read more about my experience with Whole30 the first time I did it you can check out my post from last May

All that being said, I always try to take a few pictures of their growing family when I visit! Baby Thomas is almost 4 months old and is getting more adorable by the minute with his long hair and cute giggles. Enjoy these images from our short little family session! Baby Thomas was a little overwhelmed, but it was still a blast getting shots of the sweet Lane family.

We love our La Croix sparkling water!! Dig deep into those friendships you have in your life. You never know what encouragement they might need to hear today.