The Montgomery Family

I am so excited for Kelly and Drew. Little 5 month old Charlotte is the sweetest little girl!! The family shoot was the first time I was able to meet her and she is so adorable. HER CHEEKS are SOO cute!! 

The shoot was only a week ago so poor little Charlotte was very cold! I took pictures of her in her crib and she was as content as can be. As soon as we took her outside to the park she started bawling, poor thing! She didn't understand that outside light is always better than indoor :)

We brought her back and fed her and tried to go to the park again. She cried again so we started walking back to the house. Once we got to Kelly and Drew's backyard she calmed down and I said, "this could work!" We set up a blanket against their white picket fence and Charlotte did great. We even added their sweet dog Chase in the last few! I love Kelly and Drew and feel blessed to know them. 

Enjoy these shots of the Montgomery Family!!