David & Emily {Olde River Farm in Crawford, VA}

David & Emily are married!! This wedding was very special because four years ago I shot her sister's wedding at this same farm. And Olde River Farm just happens to be her childhood family home! It was the most beautiful Saturday afternoon; the sun was shining and there was a cool breeze blowing. Their ceremony was on the top of a hill next to the family home and it was beautiful. The family cows even showed up on their own little hill in the background for the "I do's!" The ceremony was a wonderful church service with worshipping, a great message, and sweet vows. The Lord was honored at your ceremony, David and Emily! 

The rustic details were the perfect touch for the wedding. Emily had always dreamed of having a princess ballgown and the dress she chose was the perfect Cinderella dress! They danced the night away under the white tent with lights sparkling above. Everyone had a blast celebrating and showering these two with love.

Here is there love story from Emily's perspective!

David and I became friends soon after both being in my sister's wedding, and he went to college with my brother-in-law in Texas. The summer after my sister's wedding, he was also in another wedding here in the valley for one of my sister's friends, which I was also a part of. That summer he graduated and moved here to work at the small airport near my house. Through all the mutual events and friends, we started talking and spending more time together even as I returned back to school in the fall. So, when I came back for Thanksgiving Break, he was going to pick up his sister who was traveling in to spend the holidays with him from the airport, and he asked if I'd come along. Her flight ended up getting postponed until the next day when we were 5 mins from the airport, so we drove an hour back home, and as I was getting out of the car, he stopped me and ended up asking me to be his girlfriend.

And the proposal!!

I was home for Thanksgiving Break and we were going out to a fancy dinner for our two-year anniversary. My family was going out for dinner for my sisters's birthday, but they left almost a whole hour before David was supposed to come get me, because they had to start getting the house ready for a birthday party for my sisters. So, my sister's all helped me get dressed up, then I sat at home...alone...in my living room...for about 45 minutes just waiting for David. David eventually showed up, and I was all ready to go and putting on my jacket about to walk out the door, when he stopped me and wanted to talk. I was a little confused (and, quite frankly, getting a little hangry :). He started by reminiscing about how we started dating and about how so many milestones have happened here at my house. He talked about how so much has happened over the past two years, and that from the very beginning he knew that he wanted to marry me. And the next thing I knew, he was reaching in his coat pocket and kneeling on the floor opening a ring box! I was so shocked, but I did remember to say yes ;) And as he got up to put the ring on my finger, I went to hug him and accidentally knocked the ring box out of his hand and the ring flew out onto the floor! After kneeling on the floor for what seemed like forever, we found the ring, and he put it on my finger. So, once I calmed down a little and stopped shaking, we went to a lovely dinner at the local Chophouse. On the way home, I kept thinking about how I didn't want to steal the thunder of my sisters' birthday party, and when we pulled in, there were a lot more cars than I thought there would be for a small, low-key birthday party. And that's when I saw my roommate's car from school. I instantly realized what was happening, and when we walked through the door, all my friends and family were there for a surprise engagement party to celebrate with us!! I have never felt so surprised and so extremely blessed!

We loved capturing your big day! Enjoy the images the wedding!

Congratulations you two!! Your wedding was beautiful and we wish you a lifetime of love. In case you missed it, check out Colin & Kelsey's romantic engagement session at Sunset Hills Winery! 


Vendor Love 

Wedding Dress: Bridal Impressions

Florist: Christy's Floral Design

Wedding Venue: Olde River Farm (Emily's parent's house!)

Hair: Joscelynn Shull at Simmon's Cut & Tan

Cake: Mom's shortbread

Catering: Hank's Barbecue

Bridesmaid Dresses: Shirts: Heavenly Couture  Skirts: Tulle & Chantilly  

Favors: Cheap Favor Shop