Rob & Alyson | Engaged {Downtown Annapolis}

Downtown Annapolis was the perfect place for Rob and Alyson's engagement session. They recently bought a house in the area and have a sailboat that they take out in the summer! We walked around downtown and even took some pictures on their boat. It was amazing!

Here is a little bit of their love story from Alyson's perspective:

Like most love stories, it started with a friendship. Throughout most of High School we were a great friends, but we never dated. Senior Year, he was assigned a parking spot in front of me. I am NOT a morning person and he used to "love tap" my car with his and I was not be too happy with that. Very funny looking back, but eventually, somehow it became charming. The end of Senior Year, we were officially together. The rest is history. We have had years and years of adventures. I went to Penn State and he went to Catholic University in DC, then I went to Grad School in Philly. After so many years of traveling back and forth to each other, we were so happy to settle in Annapolis. We are best friends who love each other and enjoy every minute together!

Enjoy these images from Rob and Alyson's downtown Annapolis engagement session!

Can't wait for your wedding at Herrington on the Bay this fall! You two are so sweet. 

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