Tommy & Allie | Engaged {Loch Raven Reservoir}

Tommy and Allie are such a sweet couple. They were set up by close friends and hit it off! A year later, Tommy proposed at Loch Raven which made for the perfect spot for their engagement pictures. We started off with a few pictures in a canoe out on the water and the geese were trying to photo bomb the whole time! Then we went over to the reservoir where Tommy proposed. These two can’t wait to tie the knot in August and start their lives as newlyweds! 

Here is their love story!

In December of 2015, I reconnected with an old high school friend and field hockey teammate, Melissa, at a funeral. A few weeks later she texted me asking if she could give her older brother my number, because after seeing each other, it apparently "clicked" that Tommy and I would be perfect together. I of course said yes, but didn't think anything would actually come of it. Funny enough, her older sister, also Tommy's twin, had also recently told their mom that she thought Tommy and I would make a great match after stumbling across my instagram page in the explore section!! A few days later and after relentless pestering from his sisters, Tommy texted me at 9am on a Monday morning in January asking me out. We made plans to go to Bar Louie on Friday night and continued to talk all week long. We went out on the night of Baltimore's biggest snowstorm (Snowmagedden 2016!!!) and almost got trapped in the restaurant because we didn't want to end the conversation. My back was to the windows and I had no idea how much snow had fallen in the time we had been talking! Tommy came out to my car and cleared all the snow off (with his bare hand) and followed me all the way home to make sure I was safe... such a gentleman! I'll never forget walking in my front door and telling my mom, "I am going to marry him one day" with complete confidence. Even with several feet of snow on the ground, Tommy found a way to come and see me every day. He almost attempted to ride his four-wheeler to my house just so we could see each other! After a little over a year of dating, Tommy got down on one knee in Loch Raven and asked me to be his wife! We are both so excited to be married and cannot wait for August! Shout out to his sisters for their matchmaking skills!

And the proposal!

I had been begging Tommy to go see the Cherry Blossoms in DC for weeks (every guys dream activity... not!) and finally we planned a trip to go on April 15. I realized early in the week that the flowers were no longer in bloom (whoops!), but Tommy insisted we still go. We spent the day touring the monuments and walking, walking, and walking some more!! Tommy had planned to propose somewhere in DC, but having never been there (as a tourist) before, had no idea how crowded and congested it is in the city. He had the ring floating around in his pocket all day!!! He just couldn't find a good spot to do it, so eventually around 4, we headed home. After he missed the exit to my house, he told me we had to go grab the cornhole boards from his house for my mom. The next day was Easter and she had been asking if she could borrow them. I was confused as to why that needed to be done right then, considering I was exhausted and ready to get home! We then missed the exit to his house and before I knew it, we were in Loch Raven! This is when it started to hit me what was happening. We walked down to the water's edge and he asked a random couple to take our photo. This was completely out of character considering he a) hates having his picture taken and b) is always embarrassed when I ask random people to take our photo! We posed for the photo, and then he got down on one knee and pulled out the prettiest ring I had ever seen. I, of course said yes, and then we headed back to my parents house. He had planned a surprise party with all of our closest family and friends!!! I was so shocked and so excited to see everyone! It was an amazing, amazing day!!

Enjoy these images from Tommy & Allie's engagement session!

You two are adorable. Can't wait for your big day in August! In case you missed it, check out Mary Ellen & Tim's wedding at Grey Rock Mansion!